Nowadays, the proper nutrition for workers, is a challenge.

Our company has exclusive partnership with renowned Greek dietitians and food technologists capable to design menus able to adapt to every requirements. In the menu planning, we focus mainly:

• The balanced diet

• The Mediterranean diet and 
Mediterranean products

• The balance between traditional and modern recipes

• In the Greek cuisine (with choices of cuisine from every corner of Greece, the Mediterranean, and from other countries around the world, including the Central and Northern Europe, Asia, North and South America etc)

We plan menus based on the purest and freshest ingredients,with the most unique, creative and original recipes, providing thus ον a daily basis, a wide variety of delicious meals rich in nutritional values.



Indicative monthly menus

Your executives will have the opportunity to choose their meals according to their dietary needs and culinary habits.

Download the. pdf files of our monthly menu:

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