BRAND NEW! PAPADOPOULOU BISCUITS (14/1/2019) After less than a year of operation of our restaurant in Athens we inaugurated our brand new restaurant in the factory of Thessaloniki for Papadopoulou Biscuits. Thank you for your trust!   BRAND NEW! KARYDAKIS PRINTING HOUSE (14/1/2019) We are really excited to welcome in our family the printing house "Stephanos Karydakis, Graphic Arts S.A ".   Gefsinus identified in London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe’ report (10/10/2018) ·  Gefsinus recognised in third edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe report.   NEW PREMISES! (6/8/2018) In the context of our further growth and the undertaking of more businesses, our company has recently inaugurated its new infrastructure in an area of 9,000 square metres in Kryoneri, where separate sections have been arranged with regard to  each particular category of raw materials and products, including:     Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2018 (4/7/2018) Representatives of the country's healthiest companies have delivered a strong message of Greek entrepreneurship prospects during the event of Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2018.   (4/6/2018) The awards-institution of the Greek business world. An institution that rewards leading businesses that play a major role in paving the way and in actively supporting the Greek economy. This event constitutes the continuation of the annual business edition “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the awards arise from official data of published balance sheets as well as the general impression and the market’s assessment about the enterprises’ progress in Greece.Thank you!   (12/1/2018)   9 Years of Collaboration! (18/12/2017) With this post, we would like to thank Papastratos for the trust he has shown us over the years. We continue to be faithful to the philosophy & culture of our company, always giving priority to qualitative food.   Eurobank (1/7/2017)   (17/2/2017)